Unforgettable Opal Experience! Natural Peruvian Gem Quality Blue, Pink, Yellow-Green Opal Round Beads Dangle 925 Silver Leverback Earrings

This round beads Dangle 925 Silver leverback pair of earrings nicely represent the colors of Peruvian Opal. Earrings made from gem quality opaque 8mm Blue Opal, 9mm Pink Opal and 10 mm yellow-green Opal. Each opal is distinctly individual.
Since the 1970s, opals have been found in Peru without the play of color. They are called Andean Opals and belong to the group of common opals.
Blue Opal (opal colored by chrysocolla inclusions) describe it as the colour of the Caribbean Sea.
Yellow-green Opal has a warm mustard body colors and colored by iron oxide.
Peru Pink Opal is high in silica and this opal is almost a light to bright pink. Scientific name IS silicified palygorskite.
Opal is associated with the birthstone of October (along with pink tourmaline).
Peruvian Opals considered as a gift from Pachamama, the earliest Inca goddess of fruitfulness and Mother Earth.
Earrings is handmade and can be custoized upon request.
Location: Andes Mountains, Acari Mine, Peru
Size: 4.8 Centimeters long (1.9")
Weight: 6.7 Grams