Rare Natural Charoite AAA Quality Sterling Silver Ring From Russia - Size

This beautiful charoite ring was handcrafted with open back and set in 925 sterling silver. This stone is natural top quality AAA rich pleasing purple colors with lovely swirling patterns and chatoyant glow Charoite ("Lilac stone").
This charoite is scenic stone shows so-called "naturafrom its only locality in the world in the frozen mountains of Siberia in Russia.
Charoite is actually a rock. However, it's almost pure pictures" that resemble beautiful landscapes.
Charoite is one of the few gemstones so distinctive that a gemologist can make a sight identification with confidence. No other material is likely to be mistaken for it.
Charoite distribution is very limited and prices of which are sky-rocketing every year!!
Great investment!!!!
Charoite Cabochon is 22x15mm
Location: Chara River, Murun Massif, Northwest Aldan, Sakha Republic, Russia.
Weigh: 10.1 Grams