Queen of Green!! Genuine Rich Vivid Vibrant Green Malachite Pendant - 1.1"

This is natural Malachite pendant with cord and 3mm holes. Malachite has very rich green natural color with unique swirled patterns.
Stones is not enhanced.
Location: Lualaba, Democratic Republic of Congo
Size: pendant- 2.7x1.8x1.2 Centimeters; cord-17"
Weight: 15.4 Grams combined

Interesting things: Malachite has been used as a pigment for thousands of years. It was one of the oldest known green pigments to be used in paintings. The mineral malachite is an excellent material for producing a powdered pigment because it can easily be ground into a fine powder, it mixes easily with vehicles, and it retains its color well when exposed to light over time. Alternative names for malachite pigment include copper green, Bremen green, Olympian green, green verditer, green bice, Hungarian green, mountain green, and iris green.