Pink Fire Azeztulite Agnitite Necklace Earrings Bracelet Round 6mm Beads Set from Africa

This is a rare Agnitite also known as Pink Fire Azeztulite Set: Round 6mm Beads Necklace, Dangle 6mm beads Earrings and stretch 6mm beads Bracelet found off the coast of Africa on an island.
Powerful for metaphysical purposes.
Set is handmade and can be customized upon request.
Location: Africa
Size: Bracelet - 7'; Necklace - 18"; Earrings - 3.8 Centimeter in length including leverback (1.5 inches)
Weight: 64.2grams Grams Combined; necklace - 26grams; bracelet - 10.2grams; earrings - 2.8grams