Perfect Cross-Shaped Andalusite (Variety of Chiastolite) Polished Cabochon Silver Pendant from China - 1.3"

Round Polished Cabochon of Andalusite (Chiastolite) silver pendant with perfect cross-shaped black carbon inclusions from China.
Andalusite Stones contain inclusions of black material, which carbonaceous, arranged in such a way as to give a cross-like figure in cross-sections of crystals. Because of the shape of the figure exhibited by these crystals, this variety was early called chiastolite, and was valued as a sacred charm.
Andalusite alters readily to kaolin, muscovite, and sillimanite.
Location: Hunan Provinc, China
Size: 3.3 x 1.8 x 0.6 Centimeters with bail
Weigh: 5.0 Grams

Interesting Fact: Andalusite was given its name by Jean-Claude Delamétherie in 1798 for Andalusia, Spain where it was first discovered.