Natural Peridot (Olivine|) Sterling Silver Stud Earrings and Pendant Set from Pakistan

A fine genuine faceted Peridot Olivine (a variety of Forsterite) Evening Emerald sterling silver set - stud earrings and pendant. Beautiful cut and a top quality stone.
It is in great condition, and has natural, untreated color.
Those born in August are lucky to have the beautiful Peridot as their birthstone ( Walter Schumann "Gemstones of the World").
Location: Sapat Gali, Naran, Kaghan Valley, Mansehra District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan
Size: each stone is 4 x 6mm
Weight: set - 0.9 Grams combined

interesting Fact: Peridot is a gem-quality Olivine. The name "Peridot" is believed to have originated from the Arabic word faridat, meaning "gem", or alternatively, as the Oxford English Dictionary suggests, it came from classical Latin pæderot - a kind of opal.