Meteor Splash Glass!! Fabulous Asymmetrical Rare Darwin Glass Tektite Pleistocene Silver Pendant From Australia - 1.0"

A very unique nice shape silica-rich and alumina-poor Darwin Glass black Tektite Sterling Silver Pendant from Australia. This type of tektite is also called meteor splash glass (they have tiny bits of the meteor within the fused mineral material.)
Location: Darwin, Queenstown district, West Coast municipality, Tasmania, Australia
Size: 2.5 x 1.7 x 1.6 Centimeters with bail
Weigh: 4.3 Grams Combined

Interesting Fact: Darwin glass formed by impact melting, probably during excavation of the 1.2 km diameter Darwin crater, Tasmania, Australia. The glass was ejected up to 20 km from the source crater and
forms a strewn field of >400 km2. The specimens are found around the remains of a one kilo diameter crater southeast of Mt. Darwin from an impact that took place about 770,000 years ago.
Based on 799 specimens, the average fragment of Darwin glass weighs 1.6 g.
Based on 4223 specimens, the Darwin glass strewn field consists of 0.5% spheroid, 6% droplet, 0.7% elongate, 20% ropy, and 74% irregular-shaped fragments of glass.