Lot of 3 Natural Lapis Lazuli Egg from Afghanistan

Lot of three natural polished Lapis Lazuli Egg from Afghanistan.
All eggs have patches of calcite that are inter grown with light and dark blue lazurite. Also they can contain gold pyrite. The color is fully natural.
Location: Kokcha River valley of Badakhshan province, Afghanistan
Weigh: each lot is about 35 Grams Combined
Average egg size: 2.4 x 1.9 x 1.9 Centimetres
The lot you receive will be similar but not identical to the photo.

Interesting Fact: Lapis Lazuli, or short Lapis, is not a mineral but a rock consisting mainly of Lazurite, to which it owes the blue colour, Calcite and Pyrite.
In the 1980ies the Swiss Gilson company produced a material which was marketed as "Synthetic Lapis" although actually it was an imitation, containing constituents not present in genuine Lapis. Physical properties like specific gravity and refractive index also differed from the real thing. Gilson's "Lapis" was available in different qualities, with and without Pyrite.