Chandrakanta Moonstone! Simply Elegant! Natural Moonstone Round Beads Dangle Shepherd Hook Earrings

This is 9mm and 11mm glow from Inside Moonstone round beads dangle shepherd hook pair of earrings.
Moonstones are technically known as an Orthoclase Feldspar. Each Moonstone bead displays the shimmer and gleam known as adularescence.
Moonstone is the birthstone for the month of June, alongside the Pearl and Alexandrite.
The color is fully natural.
Earrings is handmade and can be customized upon request.
Location: Southern India
Size: 4.4 Centimeters in length (1.7")
Weigh: 7.3 Grams

Interesting Fact: In Sanskrit, the language of ancient India, it was called Chandrakanta, meaning 'beloved of the moon'. This gem is like frozen moonbeams filled with joyful spirits.