June 20, 2018

Second time visiting this show, confirmed to us that with its beautiful surroundings, the time of year, and the beautiful gemstones all around, this might just be our favorite gem show in the world. Unlike the first time however, we had a +1 join us - my daughter Mila! At just over 2 years old, this was her 4th gem show visited, after Tucson (twice), Bancroft and Toronto, and hard to say who had more fun, her or the rest of us. 

We stayed in a small French town called Turckheim, just outside of Colmar, and absolutely fell in love with the people, the architecture, the cuisine. The French really know how to live!

After the show, we spent a few days in Baden Baden, a very sweet city in Germany close to the border with France, known for its Spas, and even got to watch a Germany World Cup match with the locals - which they unfortunately lost to South Korea. We brought back lots of wonderful gemstones, which you can find in our store or online!

Below you can scroll through some pictures of our trip. Enjoy.

Enjoying a stroll in Colmar on our first day in France

Mila making some friends

Me with my favorite ladies

Memories being made? I think so

The fam

Mila wants to take the hearts home

Some ice cream? why not

Saine Marie that way



No thanks, but appreciate the honesty

Cute stop on the way to the gem show


Wow, one of the rarest minerals in the world!!

Elena with Slava, one of the meteorites experts

Our friends, the Sokolowskis

Coral much?

Acquiring some Namibian minerals

Happy with our deal

Elena finding some space for photos in the crazy traffic

Proof where we are

Hi everyone

Looking good :)

Very cool jewelry made with Diamond crystals

Italian coral jewelry 

Cool taxi

Newfound yellow Prehnite crystals

Seeing some locals

What's almost as fun as rocks? Great food and beer!

Rooster made from Russian Jade

Making friends

Stunning top quality Santa Maria Aquamarine necklaces, coming home with us

Little piece of bread anyone?

All smiles, French style

Getting lost in the show

Cool rare gems

Wow, look at the size of these Pezzottaites

Buying rare stones from Madagascar dealer

Elena looking for something cool

Strolling the streets of Turckheim

Mila asking me to buy her a new necklace - take note of her super cool shirt :)

Admiring pretty necklaces

My ladies

3 generations of The Russian Stone team

Mila taking a rest from all the shopping

And back to shopping - making friends

Well deserved meal - local cherries

Scrolling around

Look at that beautiful background

Hi guys!

Oh my, the color on this Russian Emerald!

Incredible Russian Tourmaline

Beautiful Rhodochrosite from Argentina

Wouldn't mind any of these

Look at that Black Opal heart!! Incredible

Local Pizza, much better than Pizza Hut or Pizza Pizza...not going to lie

Mila, where are you?

Hello from above!

Strolling through an ancient castle

Beautiful view, the heights are a little intimidating

Rose gardens!! 


Dostoevskis house

Walking the Black Forest

Daddy and daughter enjoying the Black Forest hike, and an apple, and good company, and good weather...

Watching the world cup match on our last day before flying home. Everyone is still exited before an unexpected 2-0 loss to South Korea. 

We can't wait to come back next time!!


Mila, Kate, Elena, Valeri and Mike Petrov

The Russian Stone team