November 03, 2019

Try and tell me...whats better then a combination of rocks, beer, sausages and an unexpected family get together!!

We had a really short 5 day trip visiting Munich, Germany for the largest mineral show in Europe, and a couple days before found out that my brother Alex, and my cousins from Moldova are all coming to see us to spend a couple days together. WOOHOO. We all had an absolute blast, and as a bonus, shipped back over 500 pounds of exotic rare stones that we found during our hunts.

Enjoy the pictures:


Hello Munich!! We arrived in the early morning a day before the show, so decided to go for a stroll around the city. 

Natural truffles! 6.95 euros for 1 gram! Thats $7,760USD for 1kg. Almost as expensive as Painites and Jeremejevites!

All kinds of peppers. Why do we only have 3 in our grocery stores?

Look at the happy faces! My dad and my brother Alex loving the company.

Wooo, cousins Olya, Max and Yulia drove almost 2000km to spend a couple days with us! Amazing!!!

Emeralds from Austria, really cool :)

Only in Germany can you expect such precision. Rare gemstone spheres, yummmm

Diamond "shoes", do they come in size 11?

Amazing Ametrine lion carving

Beautiful ... what else can be said?

Company spezializing in irradiating Topaz. Apparently there are more colors then Sky, Swiss, London blue colors.

Ooof, better then in most museums

Enjoying some coffee and pretzels :))

Parcel of Pezzottaite crystals we picked up. Rare caesium beryl from Madagascar, mined about 15 years ago.

What's for dinner?

Alex sizing up with some Amethysts


Thank you Munich, can't wait to come back!!

Petrov clan